Community Distribution

In April 2024, a maximum of 12% of the JAV allocation (240m JAV) will be acquirable during the Liquidity Bootstrapping Event, also called the JAV Community Distribution Event.

For the Community Distribution/Liquidity Bootstrapping Event, DFI (DeFiChain's native token via DMC), DUSD (its decentralized stablecoin via DMC), and USDT (Tether via DMC, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain) will be accepted in exchange for JAV.

Block Vesting and Vesting Freezer

Block vesting is a mechanism where acquired tokens are released linearly per block. This means that users can claim a portion of the acquired tokens after each block. The Vesting Freezer is an intriguing aspect of this approach, as from day one of the vesting period, 100% of the acquired tokens are actively working for the token owner, generating rewards ('Working capital'). It maximizes the utility of the tokens right from the start of the vesting period.

Swap options for users

  1. Option: DFI

  2. Option: DUSD

  3. Option: USDT

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event & Burn

A notable feature of the JAV token launch is the DFI and DUSD-Liquidity Bootstrapping Event. This event emphasizes the importance of DFI and DUSD. A portion of these tokens will provide liquidity for exchange pool pairs. Specifically, they will be allocated to the following pools:



  • DFI: JAV

  • dToken:JAV or dToken:DUSD

Allocation will be done based on the current market conditions after the token launch.

Notably, these pools' liquidity provider (LP) tokens will be locked permanently, removing them from circulation. The rewards resulting from the LP tokens will be distributed to JAV token holders. The Javsphere team will keep no proceeds from the community distribution. The rationale behind this decision is to bolster the DeFiChain community, which concurrently assumes a significant role in the context of the JAV token. We will execute the process through a SC.

The JAV token will be priced in USD at the Token Distribution phase. The value of DFI and DUSD will be determined by the price of DFI and DUSD on the DMC DEX at the time of the exchange.

Furthermore, Javsphere organizes multiple airdrops, specifically for individuals actively contributing to Javsphere’s product usage, JAV's marketing, support, as well as overall growth.

The funds for these airdrops will originate from the community distribution and designated marketing tokens.

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