Buy & sell dTokens directly via Javsphere

Be aware of scams and always use this domain: https://app.javsphere.com!

What is TradeX?

TradeX revolutionizes the trading of dTokens within the DeFiChain ecosystem by enabling direct buying and selling through the Javsphere user interface on the DeFi Meta Chain (DMC), without the necessity of a light wallet. ▶️ Read more

Why should you use TradeX?

TradeX utilizes larger pools on the DeFiChain DEX, opening up the dToken system to new user groups outside the existing DeFiChain ecosystem. The process is straightforward: users start on the Javsphere interface, select the dToken to be traded with DUSD, and a bot manages the transaction, moving DUSD from DMC to the native DeFiChain. The respective dToken is purchased on the native DeFiChain DEX and transferred back to the DMC, all within a few blocks.

An exciting feature of TradeX is the capability to swap DUSD staking and bond rewards seamlessly into dTokens. Furthermore, TradeX is not just an isolated product; it serves as a foundation for the upcoming LeverageBooster product. Notably, the fees generated from every buy and sell transaction on TradeX contribute as real yield to JAV token holders, underscoring the integral role of the JAV token across Javsphere products.

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When is the launch?

TradeX is set to launch by the end of February 2024. More detailed information about the front end and technology of TradeX will be published in the coming weeks, gearing up users for this next significant product on Javsphere.

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