Added Value for Holders

JAV is the gateway to the Javsphere ecosystem, granting access to its features and services. It empowers users to engage in all Javsphere services and leverage the platform for multiple advantages:

  • Capturing value from platform & product portfolio growth through real yield

  • Participating in the DMC, as well as other project and token successes

  • Access to all Javsphere products

  • Seamlessly integrating with the DeFiChain ecosystem

Real Yield

  • Participation in the Platform: The most significant benefit for JAV holders is the opportunity to participate in the Javsphere platform. Holders can stake (through StakeX) and freeze (through CryoVault) their JAV. There are token rewards within the first four years, and the majority will come from inflation rewards (see Rewards schedule). After 4 years, the JAV token is deflationary. However, from day 1 of the token launch, Javsphere products generate β€˜real yield’ distributed to JAV holders (see Utility).

  • Providing Liquidity for the Pool Pair DFI:JAV and DUSD:JAV: By participating in LM with the DFI:JAV and DUSD:JAV pool pair, JAV holders can earn additional rewards (JAV, DFI, and DUSD).

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The JAV token will play a pivotal role as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), empowering the community to participate actively in decision-making processes. Through the governance capabilities of the JAV token, long-term holders (JAV tokens will have to be locked up in CryoVault) can propose, discuss, and vote on critical matters that shape the future of the Javsphere ecosystem. They can influence key decisions, such as selecting new products for development, setting fee structures, and choosing which decentralized exchanges to integrate with. This democratic approach ensures the community's diverse perspectives contribute to the platform's evolution. Utilizing the JAV token for the DAO fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among our stakeholders and enables a collaborative environment where every voice matters. The JAV token's integration as a DAO underlines our commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and shared progress within the Javsphere community.

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