🏧Performance Fee

Learn more about the Javsphere Peformance Fee

Until 15th of February 2024 there are no fees for using DUSD Staking. Starting from February 15, 2024, a 10%* Javsphere performance fee will be implemented on DUSD Staking. This fee will be redistributed to $JAV token holders, creating a continuous reward stream.

Small change for DUSD Staking users, but big rewards for $JAV Token holders!

If a DUSD Staking user is currently earning an APY of 18.2% (example), with the introduction of a 10%* performance fee, the actual yield for the user will slightly adjust and results in a new APY of 16.9% (based on example before).

What happens with the DUSD Staking Performance Fee until the $JAV token launch?

From the 15th of February 2024* until the $JAV token launch end of Q1/2024 the DUSD amount through the DUSD Staking performance fee will be collected in one address. After the go live of the DEX pool pair DUSD:JAV, the collected DUSD will be swapped into JAV and will be partially distributed (50%*) afterwards to $JAV token holders as real yield as well as burned (50%*). The distribution of fees will be adapted to market conditions. As soon as the governance of the JAV token is established, JAV holders can vote on the distribution.


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