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Q: Where can I start using CryoDUSD?

A: Begin investing here: app.javsphere.com​

Q: Why is the page loading slowly?

A: For optimal speed, use Chrome. The App is dependent on the Ocean infrastructure/blockchain.

Q: What if the page won't load?

A: Refresh your browser and wait up to 30 seconds; the blockchain response can be slow.

Q: The app doesn't look right on mobile. Why?

A: The app still needs to be optimized for mobile.

Q: Which browser works best?

A: We recommend using Chrome as the browser.

Q: What to do if I have connection issues?

A: Recheck your Metamask settings. Connect Metamask

Q: How do I add DUSD to Metamask?

A: To add DUSD, go to 'Import Tokens' in MetaMask and enter 0xFF0000000000000000000000000000000000000F under 'Token Contract Address'. Your DUSD and DFI should then be visible.

Q: Where can I find Metamask settings?

A: Connect Metamask

Q: Can I withdraw my DUSD from DUSD CryoVault even if I confirmed the term of 12 or 24 months?

A: No, you can’t access the invested funds, but you will earn rewards on a block basis; you can claim the rewards anytime. In the future, you can trade the funds in the CryoVault via a connected NFT.

Q: How does that work with the NFT?

A: You will be able to sell an investment in a DUSD CryoVault via the connected NFT via an NFT marketplace.

Q: How to detect if my 12 or 24 months DUSD Bond is expired?

A: You will see that the "Withdraw" Button turned green.

Q: Is there an event that triggers that the DUSD bonds expire early than 12 or 24 months?

A: There are 2 early exit criteria: - Algo ratio below 30% for 1-year lockup - Algo ratio below 20% for 2-year lockup

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