CryoVault offers enhanced rewards for locking up JAV or DUSD tokens.


Cryo DUSD, aka DUSD Bonds (DeFiChain name), is built on a fully decentralized SC that was developed and reviewed by the community. This contract is transparent and verifiable on block explorers. Users can lock DUSD into the SC in exchange for an NFT, representing their deposit and accrued interest. These NFTs vary in value and are represented by images based on deposit size (groups). They can be traded on an NFT marketplace on DMC. This functionality adds utility and flexibility to the locked funds and makes an easy transfer possible to other users.

Users who lock their DUSD in the SC receive a unique NFT as a receipt. This NFT is tradeable, adding flexibility to their investment. The rewards distributed to the bond owners are generated from unused block rewards on the Native DeFiChain side (DFI block rewards). A specialized bot, which DeFiChain Labs operates, routinely swaps them to DUSD, transfers these rewards to the DMC, and injects them into the SC. This process allows for regular, automated reward distribution to users.

Cryo JAV

Cryo JAV, similar to JAV Staking, allows the locking of JAV tokens to accrue rewards. However, Cryo JAV differentiates by offering a larger share of generated fees and token inflation rewards, owing to the JAV tokens being locked for a specified period, thus providing an incentive for longer-term holding. Through the governance capabilities of the JAV token, Cryo JAV users will be able to propose, discuss, and vote on critical matters that shape the future of the Javsphere ecosystem (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

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