All information about your DUSD Bonds NFTS

Where do I find my NFTs?

Just look under History and click on the Token No. Token ID indicates your investment that is simultaneously an NFT that can be traded on a marketplace in the future.

Which NFTs do I get?

Depending on your locked up DUSD you will get one of the four NFTs:

  • 0 - 999 DUSD: normal (pink)

  • 1,000 - 9,999 DUSD: gold

  • 10,000 - 99,999 DUSD: black

  • >100,000 DUSD: iridescent

Where can I see all created and distributed NFTs?

1 Year Bond NFTs:

2 Year Bond NFTS:

How to add your NFTs to your Metamask?

In case your NFTs are not shown up, please check your Metamask settings: Connect Metamask (Block explorer URL is needed).

Please make sure that you have turned "ON" Display NFT media (Metamask -> Settings -> Security & Privacy). In case it is "OFF" you have to add your NFTs again. Otherwise you only see a placeholder but not the actual NFT.

How can I trade my NFTs?

Not at Javsphere, but you wil be able to trade your NFTs via an NFT marketplace. There are external teams working on that. Keep in mind that trading/transferring a NFT also transfers the ownership on this DUSD CryoVault investment.

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