🛒Buy & add JAV

How to buy the JAV Token

1. with USDT via Bitrue

2. with DFI or DUSD via Javsphere (dezentralized)

Click on https://app.javsphere.com/trade-x and select "From" DFI or DUSD and "To" JAV

TradeX is using the VanillaSwap DEX for swapping DFI or DUSD to JAV.

3. Add the JAV token to your Metamask

Insert the Token Address: 0x66F3Cf265D2D146A0348F6fC67E3Da0835e0968E

You can always verify the Token Address via: https://blockscout.mainnet.ocean.jellyfishsdk.com/token/0x66F3Cf265D2D146A0348F6fC67E3Da0835e0968E

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