Lock up DUSD and earn rewards

Be aware of scams and always use this domain: https://app.javsphere.com!

Be aware of scams and always use this domain: https://app.javsphere.com!

What is CryoDUSD?

CryoDUSD is our version of DUSD Bonds. You can invest DUSD into a smart contract and freeze them for a specific time: 12 or 24 months in the Javspehere we call this CryoVaults. The rewards earned for DUSD-CryoVault can be claimed to your address. The initial investments can only be withdrawn after 12 or 24 months have lapsed. ▶️ Read more

Where do the rewards for the CryoDUSD come from?

CryoDUSD earns rewards in DFI that have been unused in the past (have been reserved for a new use case). Those DFI are automatically swapped into DUSD, so you will get rewards in DUSD.

The maximum rewards per block are capped at 20 DUSD (in DFI) per block. In total there are 2 different pools:

  • 1-year DUSD-CryoVault: reward distribution ⅜ = 37.5 % of the rewards

  • 2-years DUSD-CryoVault: reward distribution ⅝ = 62.5 % of the rewards

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How can I interact with the smart contract for the CryoDUSD?

The easiest way is to use the user interface on app.javspehere.com. The app interacts with the smart contract and your meta mask wallet and enables you to administer your investment into the CryoDUSD in the best possible way.

There is a maximum cap of 100 million DUSD between 2 pools, that can be invested into the Smart contract in DMC!

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How does it work?

  • Javsphere is your user interface of choice for interacting with the DMC and the smart contract.

  • DUSD can be invested into a smart contract on the DMC

  • Rewards are paid out in DUSD

  • For the DUSD rewards, we use the "unused rewards in DFI"

  • Rewards are capped at 20 DUSD/block in total.

  • Paying the rewards in DUSD is closer to the original idea of CryoDUSD and also allows us to keep the buying pressure on DUSD

  • A bot will send the result (up to 20 DUSD per block) as a reward to the smart contract

  • Any excess DUSD will be burned

  • The earned rewards can be claimed, again best via Javsphere

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