The next StakeX JAV & CryoJAV Airdrop: UPT by Uptota

It's time for the next Airdrop for staking and freezing your JAV tokens has been distributed to StakeX JAV and CryoJAV users.

The distribution will be based on the snapshot of Thu, 04/07/2024 11:00 am CEST.

In total 10,000 UPT (currently $2,250.00) tokens will be distributed to the users. Special thanks to Uptota for making this happen. Read below how to qualify.

How to Participate?

  1. Stake or Freeze Your JAV Tokens with StakeX JAV and/or CryoJAV. The more JAV tokens you stake or freeze, and the longer the freezing period, the higher your airdrop allocation.

  2. Sign up for the Uptota ICO Dashboard: https://ico.uptota.com/invite?ref=UD00236

  3. Fill out the following Google Formular until 11/07/24 11:59pm CEST and enter your Uptota email address and your Javsphere/DMC wallet address: https://forms.gle/zVyQabw5A2KRTs6UA

  4. If you have successfully qualified, you will receive an airdrop from Uptota!

Uptota and the UPT Token?

The Uptota Exchange is the gateway to Africa's financial revolution and the hub for financial innovation and opportunities in Africa. Discover a platform that offers easy, secure, and fully compliant access to the world of cryptocurrencies.

📺 Watch this introduction video: https://youtu.be/23vJXyPt9XY

💬 AMA with Uptota: https://youtu.be/-ldNS15VbIE

🐦 Uptota on X/Twitter: https://x.com/Uptota_Official

📢 Uptota Telegram: https://t.me/uptotadach

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