LeverageX will launch in Q3/2024. Currently, the go-live status is at 45%.

The current development steps are the following:


  1. Testnet Deployment

    • Gains Fork Deployment

    • Step Audit Smart Contract

    • Configuration Smart Contracts

    • Integration Oracle System

    • Integration Vaults for DMC Tokens

    • Collateral Pool

    • Integration with Gains Fork

    • Bug fixing SCs on Testnet

  2. UI Development for Testnet Earn/Investor Side Mockup

  3. Subgraph for trades is ready

--------------------------------------- 45%

Ongoing and NextSteps

  • Integration Backend and App

    • API Endpoints for UI and Subgraph

    • Liquidation Bot

    • TradingView Charts

    • Earn add and remove Liquidity (JavLP-Token)

  • Optimization of Oracle System (Protection DEX)

  • Final Audit Smart Contracts

  • Testing on Testnet

  • Deployment Mainnet

  • Testing on Mainnet

Besides the product development, the Javsphere community has already approved a $200,000 marketing budget for a dedicated LeverageX marketing campaign. Learn more in this video.

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