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Javsphere as Simplified Gateway - Next generation DeFi products.

Javsphere offers a revolutionary suite of yield-earning products, either built around the $JAV token alone or combining other certified products and tokens from other DMC projects:


Our premier staking service, allowing you to effortlessly earn rewards by staking DMC assets like dUSD and participating in the Javsphere ecosystem.

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Our cutting-edge freezer product is designed to enhance your staking experience on Javsphere. By locking your investments securely, it maximizes your staking results.

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With Yield Fusion, we bundle products from a carefully pre-filtered selection of projects on DMC and turbo charge them on Javsphere.

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AutoPilot is your automated portfolio manager, constantly rebalancing your tokenized assets through smart contracts, with future plans for yield generation.

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Booster empowers you with a high multiple leverage on tokenized assets within the DeFi Meta Chain ecosystem for amplified trading opportunities.

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