First StakeX JAV & CryoJAV Airdrop: Crypto Factor CFR

The first Airdrop for staking and freezing your JAV tokens has been distributed to StakeX JAV and CryoJAV users.

The distribution was based on the snapshot of Thu, 27/06/2024 12:00 pm CEST.

In total 500,000 CFR tokens have been distributed to the users. Special thanks to Crypto Factor for making this happen.

How to Participate?

Stake or Freeze Your JAV Tokens with StakeX JAV and/or CryoJAV. The more JAV tokens you stake or freeze, and the longer the freezing period, the higher your airdrop allocation.

But what is Crypto Factor? Pioneering Innovation on DeFiChain and BEYOND

Founded a year ago, Crypto Factor is dedicated to maximizing the utilization of the new DMC layer on DeFiChain. Their primary goal is to transform users into active participants and drive utility growth on this cutting-edge blockchain. To achieve this, they have meticulously crafted advanced, original products and services, ensuring they are not mere forks or copies. These offerings will be provided to the community at highly competitive price points. What they develop, they share.

Their ecosystem is underpinned by the $CFR Token, which is integrated into every product and client service. This strategic integration enables all participants to benefit from the anticipated growth in utility driven by a continuous influx of innovative ideas and solutions.

For comprehensive details, refer to their whitepaper. Key points include:

  • Vision: Crypto Factor aims to become a multi-chain self-execution platform for Web3 digital asset ecosystems.

  • Services: Their offerings encompass Entity, Governance, Token, Presales, Treasury, Staking, Liquidity Mining, Multi Asset-Backing, Vesting, and Distribution.

  • DeFiChain Origins: Originating on DeFiChain, they address the specific needs of DMC users, providing bespoke intra-chain solutions, such as the recent cDFI Staking solution, which facilitates access to MasterNode creation and block reward yield.

  • Collaborations: Their inaugural project collaboration with DexTradingLive ($DTL Token) will shape the first Crypto Factor ecosystem in the coming months.

  • Research and Development: Crypto Factor Research conducts R&D across various chains and operates an MPC node on Partisia Blockchain, laying the groundwork for future Multi-Party Computation services on-chain.

Their journey has just begun, and the fascinating world of digital asset self-execution awaits. There is always room for new participants to join them on this exciting venture! Join Crypto Factor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Crypto_Factor

CFR Token Address: https://blockscout.mainnet.ocean.jellyfishsdk.com/token/0x29712FF76Aecb8b586F0d299A6Ce8b7e092A0a93

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