A unique staking mechanism that offers JAV or DUSD rewards.

JAV Staking

JAV Staking is a core component of the Javsphere ecosystem, implemented via a decentralized SC that enables users to stake their JAV tokens. Users who stake JAV tokens become eligible to receive a proportionate share of fees generated by Javsphere's suite of products: DUSD Staking, TradeX, LeverageBooster, AutoPilot, and YieldFusion.

Fees collected in the native currency of each product are fully converted through the Fee Management SC into JAV tokens. Of these fees, 50%* are distributed to JAV stakers, while the remaining 50%* are permanently removed from circulation through a burn mechanism.

Additionally, stakers benefit from JAV token Inflation, which distributes newly minted JAV tokens to participants, further incentivizing engagement with Javsphere's offerings.

DUSD Staking

Every 6 hours, the bot is executed and processes deposits, withdrawals, and rewards and updates the investment values. Every transaction will be signed by a decentralized signer network secured through MultiSig. Transfer Domain (TD) is used to move deposits, withdrawals and rewards from the DeFi Meta Chain (EVM) to the native DeFiChain (DVM) side and vice versa.

The Fee Management SC is a crucial component in the DUSD Staking ecosystem:

  • The bot enforces a 10%* performance fee on each reward generated for the user.

  • All collected fees in DUSD are used to purchase the JAV token.

  • The acquired JAV tokens are then distributed, with 50%* allocated to JAV Staking and Cryo JAV participants, while the remaining 50%* is burned.

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