AutoPilot is our automated portfolio manager.

The AutoPilot product is a user-driven portfolio management tool leveraging SC technology. Users can create and manage a portfolio consisting of cryptocurrencies and dTokens. The AutoPilot SC then executes trades, buying assets using DFI or DUSD. Trades occur either on a DMC DEX within the DeFi Meta Chain (DMC) or, for greater liquidity, via a bot transferring funds to Native DeFiChain's DEX.

The AutoPilot monitors portfolio allocations at set intervals, rebalancing as needed to align with the user’s initial configuration. This rebalancing utilizes the same trading pathways as initial purchases, ensuring consistency in the management process.

Regarding fee generation, the Fee Management SC is programmed to levy a rebalancing fee, converting this fee into JAV tokens. The acquired JAV tokens are then distributed, with 50%* allocated to JAV Staking and Cryo JAV, while the remaining 50%* are burned.

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