Approved: LeverageX Marketing Campaign: $200,000 for Major Growth!


The proposed $200,000 USDT marketing campaign for LeverageX is a significant step toward attracting new users and enhancing platform usage. Your vote is vital to making this happen, so participate via app.javsphere.com/governance.

Who is eligible? Users of StakeX JAV, Cryo JAV, and Users with JAV Token in Vesting. The voting power differs between your JAV in different products (Voting Multipliers ).

Voting Time

  • VOTING STARTS: 20. June 2024, 12:00 PM CEST

  • VOTING ENDS: 23. June 2024, 11:59 PM CEST

Full Description

We are excited to present a significant proposal for the LeverageX product: a $200,000 marketing campaign designed to attract new users, drive platform growth, and increase the value of the JAV token.

Our decision to allocate $200,000 instead of swapping it for DUSD is strategic. The amount was raised during our community distribution and was initially intended for conversion to DUSD, to support the falling DUSD price. However, due to recent price volatility and upcoming DeFiChain Improvement Proposals, the future of DUSD remains uncertain. While it would make little impact in using it to support the DUSD price now, it will make a much more significant impact when used for this campaign. This proposal represents our first step into on-chain governance, giving our community a direct voice in our strategic decisions. This isn't just a proposal to reallocate funds; it's an opportunity for you to shape Javsphere's future directly.

This decision is not against the DUSD or the DeFiChain ecosystem. On the contrary, attracting new users will bring more attention and adoption to DeFiChain faster than other methods. This influx of users can lead to increased usage of DeFiChain products and services, driving up demand and benefiting everyone involved. We remain fully committed to DUSD and DeFiChain, believing that DUSD has the potential to heal itself by design through the current DFIPs rather than relying solely on monetary intervention.

Here's what we plan to do with the $200,000 in USDT:

  • Target New User Groups: We aim to attract traders and crypto investors new to our platform.

  • Focused Advertising: Deploy targeted advertising campaigns on popular crypto and social media platforms.

  • Partnerships and Sponsorships: Form strategic partnerships with key influencers and sponsor crypto events to increase visibility.

  • Educational Content: Create high-quality educational content to inform potential users about the benefits of LeverageX.

This approach will not only bring in new users but also positively influence platform usage, resulting in higher trading fees and more real yield for JAV holders. This campaign will significantly impact the JAV token in the future.

Your participation is crucial as this proposal needs a majority vote of more than 50% to be executed. This means the $200,000 USDT marketing campaign will kick off, targeting traders and crypto investors and driving significant growth for LeverageX and the entire Javsphere ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in shaping the future of Javsphere.

Voting Multipliers

You can vote on this proposal via app.javsphere.com/governance. Users of StakeX JAV, CryoJAV, and those with JAV tokens in vesting are eligible. Your voting power varies based on your holdings.

For every eligible JAV token there is a different multiplier (= voting power):

Product/CategoryFreezer/Vesting DurationMultiplier

StakeX JAV




1 month



3 months



6 months



12 months



24 months


Vesting Freezer

10 months


Vesting Freezer

20 months



48 months


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