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Learn how to use Metamask, DeFi Meta Chain and DeFiChain Light Wallet

What is Metamask and how to start

How to connect your Metamask to DeFi Meta Chain Main Net

Main connection

Network name: Metachain Mainnet New RPC URL: https://dmc.mydefichain.com/mainnet/ Chain ID: 1130 Currency symbol: DFI Block explorer URL: https://blockscout.mainnet.ocean.jellyfishsdk.com/

In case you have connection issues, please use this alternative as "New RPC URL"

New RPC URL: https://eth.mainnet.ocean.jellyfishsdk.com/

More technical details and access to Metachain Testnet:

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Add DUSD to your Metamask

To add DUSD, go to 'Import Tokens' in MetaMask and enter 0xFF0000000000000000000000000000000000000F under 'Token Contract Address'. Your DUSD and DFI should then be visible in your wallet.

Transfer tokens from DeFiChain Light Wallet to DeFi Meta Chain

Transfer tokens from DeFi Meta Chain to DeFiChain Light Wallet

How to connect your Metamask to DeFi Meta Chain Test Net

There is also a German version: https://youtu.be/H9k4KCHFcFU?si=Pxew9lXN6MZWImqM

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