Combining various liquidity mining and DeFi mechanisms.

YieldFusion offers an SC-based investment mechanism where users can allocate their DFI, DUSD, or JAV tokens. The invested funds are channeled into liquidity pools on a DMC DEX, e.g., into DFI:JAV or DUSD:JAV pools, depending on the investment pair. These pools are then supplemented and rewarded through JAV token inflation, ensuring a dynamic flow of liquidity and rewards.

The rewards generated through JAV token inflation are directed back to the YieldFusion SC, and subsequently distributed to investors. The Fee Management SC handles a performance fee mechanism, with a 10-20%* fee on the YieldFusion product's earnings, depending on the lock-up period. This fee is converted into JAV tokens: half of these tokens are redistributed to JAV Staking and CryoJAV holders, and the other half is burnt.

*Please note that the projected numbers are subject to change based on market conditions, regulatory requirements, and other factors that may impact the products. We remain committed to transparency and will provide regular updates to our community.

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