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Multi-layer decentralized architecture enables full decentralized finance.

TradeX is a decentralized smart contract-based system that facilitates the buying and selling of dTokens within the Javsphere platform. TradeX operates through a bot-managed process that seamlessly integrates the DMC with the native DeFiChain layer. Here's a technical walkthrough of the process:

  1. User Interaction: Users lock their tokens within the Javsphere TradeX Smart Contract.

  2. Bot Activation: A dedicated bot retrieves the funds from the smart contract.

  3. Layer Transition: The bot transfers the funds to the native layer of DeFiChain.

  4. DEX Swapping: Due to higher liquidity, the bot executes a swap on the Native DeFiChain DEX.

  5. Future Enhancements: When the DMC achieves higher total value locked TVL, it will integrate DMC pools for direct swapping.

  6. Token Redelivery: Finally, the bot moves the swapped tokens via the transfer domain to the user's DMC address.

The EVM Fee Bot is a crucial component in the TradeX ecosystem:

  • The bot enforces a 0.1%* buy and sell fee on each trade conducted by the user.

  • All collected fees in DUSD or the respective dToken are used to purchase the $JAV Token.

  • The acquired $JAV Tokens are then distributed, with 50%* allocated to JAV Staking and CryoJAV participants, while the remaining 50%* is burned to reduce supply and potentially increase value.

*subject to change depending on overall market situations and product roadmap.

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