šŸ¤‘CryoDUSD Yield

CryoDUSD Yield through DUSD Bonds

Where do the rewards for the CryoDUSD come from?

CryoDUSD earns rewards in DFI that have been unused in the past (have been reserved for a new use case). Those DFI are automatically swapped into DUSD, so you will get rewards in DUSD.

The maximum rewards per block are capped at 20 DUSD (in DFI) per block. In total there are 2 different pools:

  • 1-year DUSD-CryoVault: reward distribution ā…œ = 37.5 % of the rewards

  • 2-years DUSD-CryoVault: reward distribution ā… = 62.5 % of the rewards

What is the DFI amount at this moment in time?

The DFI amount at this moment at writing the documentation on the 18.12.2023 it is 12.14 DFI/block. You can find the actual amount always on the DeFiChain Analytics Dashboard: https://www.defichain-analytics.com/general?entry=emission under dUSD burn bot 2.

How to calculate the rewards?

DUSD.Value=DFI.Rewardsāˆ—DFI.Price.in.DUSDDUSD.Value = DFI .Rewards*DFI.Price.in. DUSD

Example for Calculation

E.g. 12.14 DFI x 0.785DUSD/DFI = 9.52 DUSD / block

Possible APR?

21 Million DUSD APR yearly determines the maximum available amount of yield, always depending on the price of DUSD/DFI.

If 100 Million DUSD were invested over 2 pools, there would be an APR of 21%.

It is a simplified calculation that depends on what pool you are used to, to what extent, and how much TVL is invested in the pool.

Risk-free rewards on DUSD. That 100 million DUSD will be invested over the 2 pools is unlikely.

  • e.g., at today's (18.12.23) prices,

  • e.g. 12.14DFI x 0.785DUSD/DFI = 9.52 DUSD / block

  • Pool 1 - 12 months has 50 mio DUSD - 3.57 DUSD

  • Pool 2 - 24 months has 50 mio DUSD - 5.95 DUSD

This means the maximum of 100 mio is reached.

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