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Multi-layer decentralized architecture enables full decentralized finance.

CryoDUSD, also known as DUSD Bonds, is a product of Javsphere that functions as a fixed-term deposit with a variable but guaranteed interest rate. It is built on a fully decentralized smart contract developed and reviewed by the community. This contract is transparent and verifiable on block explorers. Users can lock DUSD into the contract in exchange for an NFT, representing their deposit and accrued interest. These NFTs, with varying rankings and images based on deposit size, can be traded on an NFT marketplace, adding utility and flexibility to the locked funds.

The technology behind CryoDUSD (DSD Bonds) in Javsphere is a blend of innovative blockchain functionality and user-focused design. It leverages smart contracts on the DeFiChain, which are fully decentralized and community-reviewed. Users interact with these contracts through a user-friendly interface provided by Javsphere.

When users lock their DUSD in the contract, they receive a unique NFT as a receipt. This NFT can be traded, adding liquidity and flexibility to their investment. The rewards are generated from unused block rewards on the Native DeFiChain side. A specialized bot routinely transfers these rewards to the EVM layer (DMC), converts them to DUSD, and then injects them into the smart contract. This process allows for regular, automated reward distribution to users.

The integration of NFTs with the staking process is a notable innovation. These NFTs vary in appearance and ranking based on the amount of DUSD deposited, adding an element of gamification and additional value. This feature enables users to not only earn interest on their locked funds but also to engage in the NFT marketplace, providing more control and opportunities to optimize their investment strategies.

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