🏧Fee Structure

Overview about fees, warnings and slippage protection within TradeX

Fees within TradeX

The first component is a direct fee of 0.1% imposed by Javsphere on every buy and sell transaction conducted on the platform.

The second part of the fee structure involves the inherent swap fees of the DeFiChain DEX, which stand at 0.2%. These fees are standard for all transactions processed through the DeFiChain DEX

TradeX Warnings

The system is designed to provide color-coded warnings based on the price impact of a proposed trade. When a trade has a price impact between 5% and less than 15%, a high alert is issued, displayed in yellow. This serves as a caution to the user, indicating a significant impact on the price, yet TradeX proceeds with executing the trade. However, if the price impact is equal to or exceeds 15%, a red warning is displayed, and in this scenario, TradeX does not execute the trade. This mechanism is in place to protect users from engaging in trades that could lead to exceptionally high slippage, safeguarding their interests in volatile market conditions.

Slippage Protection

TradeX incorporates an innovative slippage protection feature, particularly designed for its app interface. This functionality is crucial for safeguarding users against significant price fluctuations during a trade. If a substantial trade occurs within a single block, the app is designed to execute the swap regardless, thereby maintaining the trade flow. This ensures that users are not adversely affected by sudden market movements during their transaction process. It's important to note that in the backend system of TradeX, no explicit slippage settings are applied.

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