🤑JAV Airdrops

The next chapter of the JAV Airdrops!

Welcome to an exciting new phase in Javsphere's journey. This documentation outlines the next chapter of the JAV airdrops.

1. Closed: 250,000 JAV Airdrop for completing a Quest campaign

We're excited to launch our JAV Token Airdrop Campaign! Join us to win a share of 250,000 JAV tokens. To participate in the Airdrop just complete the quests below.

Note: Stay subscribed and don't unfollow until the Airdrop distribution to remain eligible.

2. Closed: DUSD Staking Airdrop: The Next Chapter

Javsphere's ongoing commitment to its community continues with the next phase of the JAV airdrop. Initially, users had the opportunity to earn JAV tokens by participating in DUSD Staking on Javsphere. The first phase included a snapshot period between Christmas and New Year 2023. Based on the amount of DUSD staked, users were qualified for a $JAV airdrop.

Starting January 1, 2024, and closed end of March 2024, Javsphere extended this initiative. This phase aims to reward users who have been early supporters of DUSD Staking in 2023.

Mechanics of the Airdrop

  • Users who participated in DUSD Staking in 2023 and qualify for the first JAV airdrop will be subject to multiple snapshots in 2024.

  • If the average staked amount in 2024 exceeds the amount at the end of 2023, users will receive a multiplier on their initial JAV airdrop. This multiplier ranges from 1.1 to 2, potentially doubling the initial airdrop amount.

  • No multiplier is awarded if the 2024 staked amount is less than in 2023.

  • New users starting DUSD Staking from January 1, 2024, can also qualify for an airdrop, though it will be lower compared to the initial phase.

  • Note: If the DUSD Staking APR drops to 0%, the airdrop timeframe may end earlier than planned.

  • Airdrop will distributed after the Token Launch in Q2/2024


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