🤞10k Dollar Bonus

JAV Token Distribution Bonus

Your chance to earn 10,000 $ in JAV Tokens during the JAV Token Launch. This is an amazing opportunity to reward you for participating in the JAV Token Launch.

How does the Contribution Bonus work?

During the JAV Token Launch, for a specific amount of JAV Tokens you swap from Tether or DFI to JAV, you'll earn tickets. The more JAV Tokens you exchange, the more tickets you accumulate, significantly boosting your odds of winning an amazing prize of $10,000! This is your chance to not only be a part of our thriving ecosystem but also to potentially win big simply by participating in the token swap. The more you engage, the better your chances, so dive in and start swapping to collect those tickets!

E.g. for 2,000 JAV Tokens you swap, you receive 1 Ticket:

The Winner Bonus

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